Beach Waves for Days.......

More than anything else lately I get asked how I achieve my beachy waves look.  For last few months I pretty much wear my hair this way (either this way or a messy bun, don't forget I am a mom! ) I can get this look in ohhh about TEN MINUTES!!! Below is a step by step tutorial of my routine. Comment below with any questions xoxo.

Step 1. I first separate my hair into two sections with a basic hair clip. I then brush out the bottom section of my hair as I heat up my Beachwaver S1 to 410 degrees. THIS is the most amazing hair tool I have ever used. If you want to create beach waves like the Victoria Secret girls or any celebrities you see in magazine you need this tool ASAP. This product was created by Sarah Potempa a celebrity hairstylist in 2010. Sarah wanted to create easy to use tools to create drool worthy hair and she definitely did! 

Step 2. The Beachwaver!! So I take about an inch thick piece of my hair and clamp down on it leaving about one inch out of the iron. This is crucial to give a piecy beachwavey look.  Then I just hit the button on the iron and let it spin about half way up my hair hold it for like 30 seconds and pull the iron straight down. I do this repeatedly on my whole head in about one inch sections.

Step 3. Hairspray and Dry Shampoo. First I spray all of my hair with R & Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray. I love this hairspray because it leaves your hair with hold, it allows for you to either run your fingers through or brush out your hair once you are finished spraying. This is key to a natural beachy look. Once I have hair sprayed all my ends, I then use Drybar's Triple Sec 3-In-1. This is by far my favorite dry shampoo out there. I have tried them all because dry shampoo is my BFF. Ladies what did we do before dry shampoo?! I use this just at the roots to give me some grit and volume. This dry shampoo not only refreshes your hair and smells great, but it texturizes and volumizes! 

Step 4. Now that we are all done I just run my fingers through my ends to make all the waves softer and add a little Ouai Hair Oil to my ends which smells amazing and does not leave my hair greasy at all just shiny and healthy! AND I AM DONE!

I hope you try this look out and I promise once you get the hang of the Beachwaver you can achieve this look in about TEN MINUTES.  Below I will link a video tutorial from the Beachwaver website. Also below is a photo of myself with my hair styled with this exact routine.