What's in My Cart...Sephora VIB Sale Edition

What's in My Cart...Sephora VIB Sale Edition

A few times a year Sephora has a sale on EVERYTHING! The Spring VIB sale is only 15% everything, I prefer the one in November when everything is 20% off BUT I'll take the 15% and it makes my purchase easier to justify to the husband! So below are some items I had added to my cart that I wanted to share, some are new and some are reorders of staples in my makeup and skincare arsenal. I will also add the dates and codes for this sale which starts April 13. Comment below with any questions or to share what you are planning on buying at this sale!!!

Here are the Dates and Discount Codes...Happy Shopping!

VIB ROUGE April 13th-16th: use code YAYROUGE to save 15%

April 20th-23rd: use code YAYROUGE to save 15% VIB

April 20th-23rd: use code YAYVIB to save 15% INSIDER

April 20th-23rd: use code YAYINSIDER to save 10%


1. Shisheido Facial Cotton: Ok I know what you are thinking what could be so special about cotton pads!? WELL these pads don't leave behing any cotton remnants and they are heavy duty and don't tear at all like the normal drugstore brands do. For $10 you get 165 that can be cut in half. If you are like me and use cotton pads on a daily basis, check these out I promise you will never go back to those drugstore brands!

2. Drunk Elephant Marula Virgin Luxury Face Oil: So my obsession with this brand is REAL. This facial oil is made fro the Marula fruit which inspired the name of this brand because apparently elephants eat this fruit and it ferments and causes them to act "drunk"....I have dry skin so this is a perfect addition to my nighttime routine.

3. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask: I have been dying to try this and with Spring coming I need a treatment for my dry, winter lips. This is applied at bedtime and claims to boost hydration and shine for your lips.

4. Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment: A vegan toner treatment that helps to resurface and balance the pH in your skin. I love the price of this too! 

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty The Smudge Brush: I have heard great things about the Marc Jacobs Beauty brushes and this one especially. I love to create a smoky look and this brush can create a smudgy smoky eyeliner. 

6. Benefit Gold Rush Blush: I am so in love with Benefit blushes (oh and their brow products are beyond!) and this is their new shade which I think is perfect for spring and summer! I always go for a peachy pink blush and this looks perfect!

7. Buxom Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick: Buxom has been my go to for glosses for a long time now so I am ordering two of these in the shades Beg for Mauve and Russian to You. I love the glossy non sticky look these products give! This is probably my favorite brand for lips.

8. Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask: Ok so this is product I keep repurchasing it is that good! This mask contains rosehip oil, argan oil, collagen and silk so it repairs your hair and smells amazing! I have lots of blonde in my hair and this just makes my hair shiny and manageable!