Amazon Beauty Finds

Amazon Beauty Finds

Ok so who has checked out Amazon Beauty lately?! I keep seeing tons of my favorite influencers posting all these great and get this, AFFORDABLE products and they are all coming from Amazon! So of course I had to do my research. WELL ,I came up with a wish list a mile long (of course I did LOL) I wanted to share some items that I have in my cart to purchase. I have not tried any of these yet, it is just a list I put together after doing lots and lots of research and reading reviews. Please let me know below if you have purchased any of the products I mention or your favorites from Amazon!


1. Lasstokki Soft Clay Glow Mask: I am all about glowing skin and this Korean skin care company created this mask with collagen and blueberries to give a gentle exfoliation to reveal bright even glowing skin! This luxe mask is so affordable at $15.99!

2. Thayers Alcohol Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel: A classic toner that is also antibacterial this is perfect for all skin types.  It cleanses, tightens pores and is ant inflammatory. 

3. Sweet Dreams Satin Pillowcase: Satin Pillowcases are a huge trend right now. These are so affordable at $8.99 and come in tons of patterns and colors. Satin is supposed to good for maintaining hair and since they are non absorbent they are great for your skin to maintain moisture which in turn PREVENTS WRINKLES!!! I am sold!

4. byAlegory Acrylic Palette Organizer: Ok so I am currently obsessed with all things organization and I am redoing my vanity right now so these are perfect! This palette organizer fits up to 8 palettes and is only $21! The brand has endless amounts of affordable makeup and skin care organizers.

5. Eve Hansen Hyaluronic Acid Serum: This natural, cruelty free serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which is hydrating and anti-aging. The reviews say it is just as good as some high end serums and it is only $19.95 This line also has other products I want to try including an anti aging moisturizer.

6. Silicone Mask Brush Set: This two pack of silicone brushes is perfect for applying mask or any skincare products. I am definitely getting these for all the masks I do on a daily basis and they are only $5.25